Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine is a foundation of health that focuses on creating healthy dietary and lifestyle habits. These daily habits promote health and longevity overtime, while preventing chronic disease. While some health practitioners only offer routine immunizations and drugs as a way of decreasing your chance of future disease, true preventative medicine involves so much more. For example, dietary changes such as incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables, lifestyle improvements including physical activity and health-promoting habits like daily herbal teas all help to reduce your risks of disease and optimize your well being. Prevention gets at the heart of what I am so passionate about in healthcare: teaching people how to live a productive and fulfilled life free from the unnecessary burden of chronic disease.

Preventative Medicine is Natural

A core piece of preventative medicine is healing the root cause of disease rather than treating the symptoms. Once this happens, the body has a chance to “start over” in health. Treating the root cause of a chronic condition supports the body to restore health in a positive way.

Preventative strategies and habits can greatly benefit people living with heart disease, cancer, and stroke; the top three causes of death in our times.

Prevention is about having the power to take control of your health and health outcomes. The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of health. I look forward to helping you enjoy that gift.

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