Getting out of your own way can lead to amazingness.

How to get out of your own way.

Often times in life when your big picture dream is one thing and your current situation is totally different, it can appear to make perfect sense to strategically plan your next move.

You know what I mean.

It goes something like this.

In one month I am going to tell my boss I deserve to be promoted. In three months if I am not promoted, I will start looking for a new job, which values my work more. Only then, once I have found that job will I give my notice at my current position. I will take the new job and live happily ever after.

Or how about this one.

I will have a child once I am more stable. I really want a child right now, but once I have been at my job for 3 years it will be better. I will have more security. I will wait until I have purchased my first house. Only then is it the perfect time to have a baby.

You get it: the only thens. The details of each scenario really could go on. As I am sure the details of your own scenario could.

Let go of control.

Let go of control.

Avoiding taking that step because somehow your plan is going to trump the masterfulness of taking a step today, is totally common.

You are planning your every move just like a well-played chess game. You’ve thought out every scenario, every direction or step you can take. You will only act once you see how that step will get you to your end goal.

Better put, you will only move forward when you can see the outcome.

The problem is this. Life is not a chess game. And well-orchestrated moves can actually prevent you from getting to your goal or missing it all together. You can never fully see the outcome. Thus the detailed map of the steps to take is never 100% apparent.

Only that next step is visible.

We can have goals, dreams and aspirations but to truly see the actual picture of what your life will look like one month from now, three years from now or even in a decade is, well impossible. No matter how hard you try.

What does this have to do with getting out of your own way?

In life, many people forego taking that next step when they can’t see the big picture. And in actuality, taking that next step is the necessary step to bring you that much closer to your goals and dreams!

Live with your desires.

Live with your desires.

So how do you get out of your own way?

You have to do a whole lot more of trusting your intuition and a lot less of listening to the mental chatter. This mental chatter inevitably talks you out of scary goal attaining steps. The busy mind keeps you in familiarity because it is not risky. Think about it. Life that is familiar is easy. It doesn’t push you to your edge, where you learn and grow as a spiritual being.

But familiarity often holds you back from reaching your dreams and aspirations. And that is really crappy. Except you don’t know just how crappy it is, until 10-20-30 years go by and you are no closer to your goals than you are today.

You see trusting in yourself and taking that step will often get you to your goals quicker and smoother than you ever could have imagined. Will you be uncomfortable? Absolutely. But if you can learn to ride the wave, then you will come out the other side on two feet, realizing you are actually attaining your goals!

So what can you do today?
I am hoping to inspire you to take a step in life. It may be off a curb, or a wall or maybe even a cliff. And while the destination may be nowhere in sight, you need to start trusting yourself and get out of your own way. Get out of your head when you are making those life-altering steps.

Your mind is a very distracting tool. The mind comes up with a million reasons why you should not do something. And then once you muster up the confidence to take that step the mind is right there to let you know how horrible of an idea it was.

“Shhh.” That’s all you have to tell your mind. “Thank you for your input, but right now I am not interested in hearing that.”

Then you tap into your beginner’s mind. This is the mind that perceives everything as new. You are experiencing life for the first time. This moment.

TRUST yourself. You are taking that step. You know you have made the right decision because that next step feels right.

When the step feels right, take it. Then take the next one and the next one. Each time, thanking yourself for being open and trustworthy. Tell your mind that instead of the negative talk, you would like it to help you carry out the actions you will need to take AFTER taking the next best step. Your mind will be grateful!

Allow your mind to positively reinforce your behaviors. When that negative talk comes up, just say: “shhh, but no thank you!”

Go on trust yourself and don’t look back!

Your dreams will be here before you know it and you’ll be glad you got out of your own way!

In health,

Dr. Maggie

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  1. I can’t believe I actually said, “I need to get out of my own way”! Everything you said in this post is so true…….if I could get out of my own way and take the next step I could be on my way to expanding my beautiful family! I have to remember the big picture is so worth it :). Thanks for all of your inspirational words!

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